The Buying Process

A step-by-step guide of what to expect throughout the buying process


Getting Pre-Qualified

The First step for you as a Buyer is to get prequalified to purchase. Over the years we have had extensive experience in working with many different lending institutions. We can show you what your options are and put you in touch with a Lender that will work with you to find out what your budget can be and what loan type you may want to use to purchase a home. – Don’t qualify yet? We will sit down with you to discuss your options and coach you along the way to preparing yourself and your credit for pre-qualifying and home ownership.


Working Out Your Options

Once we have established a budget and a loan type we will look at the homes that are for sale in the area you want to be in and we will work with you to decide what to do next.


Ready to Purchase

Now you are ready to purchase a home! Our Sales Associates will add you to our mailing list and work to keep you in the forefront of the real estate network for the Seward area to make sure that when the home that you want goes on the market that you will be ready to write a strong offer and slide into contract.


Making an Offer and Negotiations

Writing an offer is what we do best! We will use our years of experience to write you an offer that we know will be accepted and get you the best deal we can for the home of your dreams! If you are one of many writing an offer on a home we will do our best to help you write a competitive offer and help you shine in the process!



Congratulations, you are now in contract to buy your new home.


Home Inspections

After working with you to select the right home inspector they will go over the home you have chosen with a fine-tooth comb! They will show you any areas of concern for your health and safety as well as give you suggestions on areas of the home that may need maintenance in the near future. We will then use their report to help negotiate the repairs that are important to you.



As the process moves forward the appraisal will be ordered by the lender, (if one is being used for the sale). The appraiser will come and tour and asses the home to be sure that there are no concerns for the Lender and make sure that the home is indeed worth the value that the sales contract is written for.



Typically handled by an Escrow Company, all the final documents are in line and everything is signed by the Buyers and the Sellers. Once the transaction is recorded…. CONGRATULATIONS, the home is yours!

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